Using Storyboarding to Communicate to Your Audience…

I’ve been following a few posts on “the secret to twitter” interested as I am on how people evolve their use of social technology to fit their needs.

Interesting in itself but I thought I’d revisit the Twitter home page to remind myself what they thought the secret to twitter was and I was pleasantly surprised by their method of communicating how to use twitter.

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

The video was produced by CommonCraft whose sole purpose is to produce videos to explain things in plain english! I think these guys are MUCH needed and their web-site states:-

“**please note** Our schedule is currently full for many months and we are not adding new projects to the schedule at this time.

A clear indicator that they are doing something right!

The Twitter video is a great example of how storyboarding and paper-prototyping can be used to clearly communicate purpose and function…

Now I’m off to watch a video on Blogs in Plain English see if I can’t learn something…

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