The iPhone User Experience: A First Touch

The Tog has made a surprisingly positive review of the iPhone. Surprising only because he seems to have fallen out of love (in the past) with Apple products developed after he left Apple (quelle surprise)… no honestly he has made some very valid comments as a reformed Apple junkie that some of the die hards found difficult to admit…

anyway all of that just goes to show that if he can like it… then some of the hype that has been surrounding this product can’t be all that bad!

As someone who really understands emotional design it will be interesting to follow Tog’s experience with the phone over the next few months and find out what is emotional and what is useful about the product!

The iPhone User Experience: A First Touch:

Asktog -- The Iphone User Experience  A First Touch

One thought on “The iPhone User Experience: A First Touch

  1. I LOVE my apple iPhone. i eventually got one in December 07 and spent Christmas setting it up. It is wonderful, so lovely to hold, it does so many things. I can find where I am and use it as a GPS, I can check email and I can call people!! It feels gorgeous. I love it almost as much as I love my Macbook Pro with Leopard operating system. It is miles ahead of any other computer. One day PC people will catch on to what they are missing out on – living life with a Mac.

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