Put Buyers First? What a Concept – New York Times

Put Buyers First? What a Concept – New York Times:

Customer Experience is fast become a consistent agenda item in boards across the corporate world, it’s making it’s way into financial reports to the stock market, annual reports and this is further supported by newspapers such as the New York Times featuring pieces on customer experience.

This is a great article about just that written from the journalists experience with Amazon over christmas. Some highlights though from further into the article:-

Jeff Bezos, in response to a question about how he liked to spend his time answered by waxing lyrical about customers:-

“They care about having the lowest prices, having vast selection, so they have choice, and getting the products to customers fast,” he said. “And the reason I’m so obsessed with these drivers of the customer experience is that I believe that the success we have had over the past 12 years has been driven exclusively by that customer experience. We are not great advertisers. So we start with customers, figure out what they want, and figure out how to get it to them.”

Critically, whilst looking into the stock performance of Amazon with it’s various rises and falls, our NYT journalists was given all sorts of financial and operational reasons why Amazon may now be back on it’s game from a financial market valuation perspective. The NYT journalist however continues with his own thoughts:-

But I couldn’t help wondering if maybe there wasn’t something else at play here, something Wall Street never seems to take very seriously. Maybe, just maybe, taking care of customers is something worth doing when you are trying to create a lasting company. Maybe, in fact, it’s the best way to build a real business — even if it comes at the expense of short-term results.

I couldn’t agree more….

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