Olympus creates ‘world’s smallest questionnaire’ on specimen slide – Engadget

I love this… talk about ‘getting’ your customers. Not only does this feedback form ask the customer how excited or titilated they get when they can ‘see the clear ridges on a piece of bacteria’ but Olympus have gone that extra mile and actually produced this feedback form ON one of the very specimen slides they are seeking to get feedback from…

Now of course in reality they weren’t garnering feedback so much as plugging their site (Which saw a 24% increase in traffic by the way) however whether you want to see this as genius marketing push or an example of how to talk to your customers, it’s a great story…

Possibly the world’s smallest questionnaire but also possibly one of the most in-tune!

 Www.Engadget.Com Media 2007 09 9-24-07-Olympusslidezoom

Olympus creates ‘world’s smallest questionnaire’ on specimen slide – Engadget:

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