Multi-Touch Interfaces a la Minority Report from your Wii

Johnny Lee has signalled the ease with which multi-touch interfaces can be built out of a few reflective pieces of tape, an old TV and a Wii remote!!!! It’s genius. I’ mean yes it’s cool because it’s a hack and geeks love hacks, but it’s also cool because multi-touch has the potential to deliver some seriously intuitive interfaces in the now very near future…

Johnny Chung Lee – Projects – Wii:

You should take some time to watch each one… the story build’s up but for me it was most exciting when we got to the 3D model… although only demonstrating the make-shift headset that tracks your movement to re-map the ‘3D’ space you can imagine what it would be liked combined with his multi-touch work.

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My niece (7rs old) picked up an iphone the other day for the first time and went straight into using the touch interface, and after just describing to her the fact that you could use two fingers to interact she picked up the multi-touch…. the iphone’s touch interface is well designed and executed however it is not ground breaking in and of itself. Truly multi-touch interfaces have existed for ages, but it is finding the most useful ones and packaging them in a way that the mass market can adopt easily that makes Apple the success it is….

this is what is exciting about Johnny’s work… he’s making it easy to get the core elements right and he’s laid down a challenge to gaming developers at least to start incorporating this stuff into their next generation games/software.

What depth of experience do you think we could bring to navigating an information space if we could map it through a 3D space and make the accessible to your every day user? The possibilities are endless… I mean I’m having a bit of a headache considering the Information Architecture and the usability design patters we’d need to build but…

Innovations do come from some funny corners. Sometimes Innovation is about taking something that is still new (Like a Wii) and deconstructing it to it’s core components and re-building it into something differently useful (is that a phrase?)

If we consider the possiblity of 3D navigation being much closer than we thought and think of some of the existing navigation metaphors we have, what could we get if we mashed those two together?

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