MacBook Air:- My other laptop’s a….

Predictably we’re into the endless debate of whether the MacBook Air is a a great laptop or an expensive gadget.

I think that John Gruber made the case very eloquently on his blog describing the appeal of the macbook air as not one that we can judge based on previous laptop decision criteria.
And this is the great thing about the Air, it has redefined, even if subtly, what it means to be a laptop. Actually I’ll correct that… it has reminded us what Laptops were meant to be. In discussing the Air people are expressing their dreams of portable technology that supports them and doesn’t weigh them down while they run for their taxi/bus/train to the next meeting… it’s generating debate about the essence of ‘laptop’. That is what innovation does… it sets a new standard, some will reach up and grab for it and others will decide it’s not for them…

I do wonder what other products are out there just waiting to be either evolved or devolved back to what they were meant to be and so in their devolution revealing the inherent potential in them…

Anyway… So I read the articles… I understood the specs, design, I drooled… and then I tried my darndest to go out and convince myself I could have one… that it would be useful to be light, that it would be fulfilling for it to be cool and beautiful, that it would be powerful enough for all the movies, photography, CS3, wireframing, keynote designing….mmm…

I’ve filled up the hard-drive just thinking about it. And since that clearly does matter to me… the Air will have to remain as a luxury item if I could spare the cash. I’m still encouraged to see there are people for whom

The MacBook Air could easily be the only machine:

It’s certainly not a Macbook Pro replacement technically, it’s certainly not a vanity 3rd computer for many people but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not organised enough to keep it all under 80Gb let alone 65Gb…. I’m glad I’ve come into the debate late… I can agree with both sides and focus on getting a new MBP to replace this PB and it’s incessently noisy fan…

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