Facebook’s Vulnerabilities – Publishing 2.0

Scott Karp of Publishing2.0 has outlined some key vulnerabilities of Facebook that it is clearly going to have to address over the coming year as competition in this space hots up. In particular the adoption of OpenSocial by Google is going to be a large challenge for Facebook holding on to it’s exclusive usefulness in the marketplace.

Several of the projects I’m involved with right now are looking to launch first on Facebook and then take the rest of the market in one swoop through OpenSocial and Google.

As for Scott’s second theme on Socially targeted Ads. I wonder whether we are going to see new behaviours generated as people get savvy as to how they are targeted, or as Scott optimistically implies, people will see socially targeted ads as more ‘useful’.

Personally I don’t believe people ever WANT adverts to the extent that they would notice their usefulness, most adverts are so functional as to hope to hit a point/time of need. With the more emotional product attachments then you could argue for socially targeting, however for those brands, like cult-brands, we are more likely to seek these out ourselves without even being targeted…

Facebook’s Vulnerabilities – Publishing 2.0:

Facebook’s Vulnerabilities - Publishing 2.0

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