I am a co-founder of Comotion – one of the new hybrid cogencies[1] that help global companies to reinvent themselves as customer-led businesses.

Our approach and solutions are based on the philosophy that companies are built on logic but managed by emotion. As a result, we combine the rational methods of traditional consultancy firms with the engagement, branding and communications skills provided by agencies to deliver far better results for our clients.

Within Comotion, I focus on helping companies to build customer-led cultures. We do this by using a well-defined framework to answer the question “How do we put the customer at the centre of our business?”. We are London based with an International reach.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, or follow-us on Twitter: @Comotional.

[1] Cogency – a hybrid of an agency / consultancy that combines the analytical skill sets of the traditional consulting model with the engagement and communications skills linked more closely to the agency model.