Be-A-Magpie Is PayPerPost For Twitter

Be-A-Magpie Is PayPerPost For Twitter:
It was recently brought to my attention that one of my projects could benefit from advertising on Twitter through “Be A Magpie” which is something akin to PayPerPost for Twitter. My initial reaction was to imagine what it would be like for the Twitterers of this world to see adverts coming up in their Twitstream… and I thought it could be terribly annoying and make them feel like the people they were following were trying to monetize them… Surely this would break trust and potentially cause a rush of un-following…

A Rush to Unfollow?
Now I’m wondering if that is really what would happen? I think that the end-result will be a devaluing of the conversations on Twitter, however the effect may be more subtly noticed than immediate un-follows.

First of all…

  • Can I be bothered to unfollow?
  • If I’m generally finding Twitter useful/interesting will I allow some annoying adverts and just mentally block them out?
  • When do the adverts become too annoying such that I’m perceiving more ads than useful/interesting stuff?

At this point…

  • Is Twitter, in theory still useful if I could only see what I want to see?
  • Would I therefore pay to not see the useless stuff?

Should the Twitter guys be worried then or is there opportunity here? I mean I’m presuming they’re not worried about Magpie per se because they could just introduce their own similar service to protect themselves from externals. But are they worried about the impact on their user base of trying to monetise the service?

Personally I would pay to be part of a community such as Twitter where people were not allowed to advertise or use “Magpie” like services. Somewhere where I knew there was a cost to entry, and a cost to ongoing participation such that there was a shared sense of value-add (worth paying for!)… but of course it would take a freebie version to convince me of the usefulness…

So do you reach a certain volume of free users and then turn on the money taps, knowing that only a small percentage will pay while the remainder of the freebie users may continue to devalue the service? If you’re Twitter or Facebook even a small percentage can generate a lot of $$. If you don’t have any other money taps apart from “premium” though do you have to allow the devaluing of your free bit to make the “Freemium” model work? Twitter is such a simple service, unlike Facebook which has many more facets to it, that either it’s useful and interesting to receive a stream of updates… or it isn’t… is there much more to it?

Certainly Twitter’s lack of monetisation strategy has been reported by commentators to be a factor in the breakdown of the Facebook/Twitter dealings that have been going on this week (and if some techcrunch are to be believed have been going on/off for quite sometime). Apart from Ads and Ad-free premium service I’m still struggling to think of monetisation options (answers on a NDA to…)

Anyway… back to everyone’s favourite bird… I look forward to seeing how much of the shiny good bits the Magpie steals from the Twitter nest…

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