Awesome Customer Service from NetFlix

This  exchange between a NetFlix CSR and a customer over web-chat (found on Reddit and gone ballistic on US sites in the last 24 hours) is a great example of plain and simple human interaction – something USAA, SWA and Zappos know all about in terms of maintaining great customer loyalty.

Our CSR – Mike – engages our customer Norm in a bit of geeky banter while they look to solve Norm’s problem – read as our customer fully enters into the spirit of it.  I love how this screenshot ends with one simple question “were you satisfied with your Netflix experience today” – I think it was missing the ‘Hell Yeah’ button!

I’ve included the screenshot of the full exchange below and it has been verified by NetFlix as real. This kind of interaction is a long way from where NetFlix were perceived to be at just two years ago – you can read my thoughts on that here  but enjoy this Geek-out in the meantime and ask yourself what would it be like to let my CSRs truly be themselves?



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