About ExperienceZen

I’ll be honest – I set-up ExperienceZen a while ago (erherm… a long while ago) partly as a lazy way of explaining to my mother what I do, partly as a cool way to help my clients get a view of all the shtuff I get in my inbox and rss feed every day.  Problem was I got busy –  and bar a few homages to Steve Jobs on his passing – the blog was unloved and my mother still doesn’t understand what I do.

This year I am launching Comotion with my good friends Paul Allen and Rob Millar.  We have a LOT to say on the subject of Customer Experience and most importantly on building Customer Led Businesses.

This is now one of my outlets for those opinions – although Rob, Paul and some of my good friends in the Service Design, CX and UX communities may also appear from time to time.

Over the last 2 years I have done a heck of lot more platform speaking, judging, workshopping and chairing.  Hearing from the audiences of CMO, CTO, CXO, HofCX type people has taught me that, here in the UK, we have a huge opportunity to lead the way on building sustainable, profitable Customer-Led Business – we also have many challenges ahead to get there.

Hopefully ExperienceZen will share with you some of the best thinking I can find out there on the InterNut that can stretch your ThinkBox and give your some inspiration for how you can be a part of the Customer-Led revolution.

Please add your comments as you see fit, I’d love as many contributions as you feel engaged to make!

All the best,